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Client Success Story - JVA Mobility

It's easy for many to take their freedom of movement for granted. For those with disabilities from birth, illness or advanced age, having a trusted partner for mobility assistance can be critical. JVA Mobility has served residents of eastern Iowa for decades, providing products such as stair lifts, platform lifts, mobility scooters, ramps and other in-home medical equipment.

Success of the Past

JVA Mobility had been a long-time cable TV advertiser. Choosing cable providers available within range of their two locations made sense for many years as it allowed them to keep their budget local and achieve a higher frequency compared other options. As cable subscribers began to sharply decline in the last decade, they knew it was time to explore an updated media strategy.

As part of this shift in strategy, they were also interested in updating their website. Both the design and navigation began to feel outdated - both in terms of what they offer and how accessible it was to their core customer.

Demographic Based Creative Decisions

In approaching the redesign of their website, we were mindful of who their core customers are - the elderly and/or retired homeowners. By simplifying the navigation and making the service list easier to see & read, we felt confident that prospective customers would be able to find what they needed. We also created individual pages for each product or service category with the goal of optimizing their search visibility in the local area and providing space to list each manufacturer they carried and serviced.

JVA Mobility website product section

Evolving their Advertising Strategy

Instead of abandoning their cable TV advertising strategy completely, we decided to focus on components we knew were still working. In this case, cable news and other select 24 hour programming was still generating direct feedback in several markets so we refocused the budget on those networks and dayparts.

With locations in both Cedar Rapids and Waterloo, we decided to add campaigns on leading local broadcast stations in both markets focused on viewership within the 50+ crowd. This included noon and 4pm news slots. They quickly found these new audiences boosted their visibility and direct response.

The video ads we've produced on their behalf focus on high demand products they keep in-stock at all times - specifically stair lifts and mobility scooters. As an added layer to this strategy, we're running PPC campaigns in their service radius for the same products - competing primarily with national DTC brands that lack the same servicing capabilities of JVA.

Tracking Success and Discovering New Opportunities

By closely monitoring the Google Analytics property linked to their new website and the performance of their Google business profiles, we've been able to audit the success of both their TV and PPC campaigns in eastern Iowa. In fact, we've slowly introduced new markets into the mix as we've identified underserved communities using keyword research.

According to the company owners, their sales of stair lifts has nearly quadrupled in just two years following the adjustment to their strategy! Sales of other, ancillary products have improved substantially as well with a long runway for growth. They have since expanded services into the Clear Lake and Mason City market.

Would You Like to Partner with Us?

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