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What Your Agency Can Do For You

Online & Social

Online & Social Ads

The vastness of the web and the looming presence of giant corporate brands can make it feel impossible for your small business to achieve a meaningful presence online. The truth is that search algorithms, social media apps and targeted digital marketing tools have made it more possible than ever to make a big local splash if you harness them correctly. If you know what keywords your customers are searching for or the key demographics to pinpoint, a modest budget for digital advertising and marketing efforts in the hands of a professional can take you far. It’s the job of an agency to take this task off your plate, maximize your budget and stay ahead of the curve.

Television & Radio

Television & Radio

TV and radio advertising has remained a staple for brands both local and national since the birth of broadcast stations decades ago. The purchasing of time on these platforms as an advertiser, however, has evolved in incredible ways in just a few years. With many different stations, news broadcasts, cable providers, hit programming and genres to choose from, it can be difficult to feel confident in your strategy. Hire a media buying expert and let them make an efficient use of your budget without paying any extra.

Print & Outdoor

Print & Outdoor Ads

While some forms of traditional print and outdoor ads have fallen out of favor, the digital age has enhanced others. Demographically targeted mail routes as well static and digital billboards have become valuable tools to savvy marketers looking to stay local. Learn about hyper local print and outdoor services in your neighborhood you may not have known existed by hiring a local advertising agency.

Video Production

Video Production

Nothing sells quite like video. That’s why this last decade we’ve observed almost every top news and entertainment site transition to a video first model. It’s easy to see why – video allows for a dynamic message and storytelling with the convenience of just pressing play. Do you think the cost of producing polished video content is out of reach for your business? Think again. Flanker Media can assist you in writing, storyboarding, shooting and editing all at an affordable rate. Check out our agency YouTube channel to see the projects we’ve completed recently. You might find local businesses you already know!

Drone Photography

Licensed Drone Photography

Just a few years ago, small unmanned aircrafts exploded onto the scene, creating a dilemma for the Federal Aviation Administration. There were valid concerns about normal, everyday people flying these new ‘toys’ unsafely into airspace, trespassing on private or forbidden property or creating liability risks in public. With new standards in place, it’s important for business owners to be able to take advantage of this amazing new eye in the sky without concern for legal or safety liability. Flanker Media employs a FAA Part 107 certified drone pilot that can affordably capture your project. Get unmatched drone photos and videos as well as one-of-a-kind time lapse footage. Ask us for a quote!

Web Design

Website Design

You don't need to break the bank in order to design a modern, functional website. It's also important to realize that your website is more than just a billboard for your brand - it should be a tool to educate, persuade, build customer lists and close sales all while providing you with measurable data that you can use to continually improve your efforts. If you feel that you're falling short in any of these areas, reach out for a free web development consultation and quote. 

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