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Drone Photography

Small Business Commercial Drone Photography in Cedar Rapids & Iowa City

The availability of drone photography has allowed for easy access to a whole new axis for marketers. While there are many people who own and fly as a hobby, it's important to ask a few questions when looking to hire someone commercially:

  • Is the pilot Part 107 certified under the Federal Aviation administration?

  • Are they insured in the event of an accident or property damage?

  • Do they possess the equipment to capture 4K videos and images?

  • Are they affordable enough to hire for your project?

  • Do you own the raw footage they capture?

Flanker Media checks all these boxes.

How Do We Hire You as a Drone Pilot?

How does the process work to hire Flanker Media for commercial drone photography? We keep it pretty simple.

Our base rate is $150 per hour of flight time and you own all of the footage we capture. That rate would include travel necessary to reach the shoot location. You must book a minimum of one hour. While on-site, we can work with you in person to get the shots you're looking for. Following the shoot you will be provided with all of the raw photos and videos gathered during flight. If you need videos edited professionally, we can assist you with that too! 

Are you ready to pull the trigger on a drone aerial photography project? Reach out for a free quote in the Cedar Rapids or Iowa City area. 

Drone Aerial Video Reel

The video below includes shots of recent work in eastern Iowa. If a particular angle or idea catches your eye, let us know and we can recreate it for you! This is just a small fraction of the work we've completed for business owners in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and beyond. 

What Sets a Commercially Licensed Drone Pilot Apart from Hobbyists?

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) lists a number of operating requirements for small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) that must be followed by both licensed pilots and hobbyists. In order to acquire a commercial license under Part 107, the pilot must pass an initial aeronautics course from a center licensed by the FAA. 

For projects that may enter B, C, D or E airspace, pre-authorization is required. Many people are unaware of the limits between each zone in their local community and may unwittingly enter without permission. It is also illegal to fly above 400 feet unless flying alongside a tall building (within 400 ft). 

Businesses listing drone photography or videography as a service are also carrying liability insurance (or at least, they should be). This shields the contracting business from errors or accidents caused by the pilot during a project. 

Businesses in Cedar Rapids or Iowa City interested in learning more about the Eastern Iowa airspace map may view it here. Reach out to us to plan your next drone project!

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