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Client Success Story - Buresh Home Solutions

Updated: Feb 12

If you've just purchased a home or have owned one long enough, you've probably considered an exterior remodeling project. Sometimes that decision is based on necessity - such as the replacement of aging or damaged home siding, Pella windows or entry doors. In other cases, adding more functional space or curb appeal is the primary factor - such as decking, patio covers or sunrooms.

If you live in central Iowa, you have probably considered Buresh Home Solutions for one of these improvement projects. Since their foundation in 2003, Buresh has partnered with thousands of homeowners to upgrade their home's exterior.

Flanker Media began its partnership with owner, Brian Buresh, in May of 2020 at the peak of the COVID pandemic. What began as a small contract to help manage PPC campaigns blossomed into a full service agency collaboration that has since resulted in their business nearly tripling in revenue.

Initial Steps - PPC Management and Web Content Consultation

In our initial meetings, Brian had expressed interest in consolidating his relationships amongst marketing partners, as he had several different voices providing guidance at the time. In an effort to execute on his ambitious vision to grow the business, he felt it was time get one team on board to build a strategy.

We had volunteered to review his Google PPC campaigns which had, up to that point, been managed in-house. The goal was to identify ways to not only improve their efficiency but report lead activity directly from each campaign. It was during this process that we developed a better understanding of what set Buresh Home Solutions apart from competing brands in the Des Moines metro.

Taking the Leap into TV & Local Video Advertising

As we neared the end of 2020, we presented a comprehensive plan to get the Buresh name in front of a massive audience of homeowners around central Iowa. Buresh Homes Solutions had earned the unique distinction of being a Pella Platinum Elite Certified Contractor - the only contractor in the state of Iowa that could claim that title.

It was our mission to get this message in front of home improvement shoppers in an impactful way. Ultimately we chose to use a blend of video ads across broadcast, cable and satellite TV as well as YouTube ads and Google Video Partners. Brian delivered part of that initial message himself as you can view below.

Multi-Layered Media Strategies Working in Unison

With SEO and PPC campaigns working together with an aggressive linear & digital video campaign, we watched leads start to pour in for not just windows, but siding, decking and patio covers. We began to look at ways to both scale and fine tune their messaging even further.

Brian had identified mid-sized communities in central Iowa that may be underrepresented for the services he provided. One by one, we built a combination of EDDM & paid social campaigns to blitz these communities during peak seasonal activity. By letting homeowners in these communities know that Buresh could not only serve them, but could schedule appointments immediately, we were able to create footholds in new areas across the state.

YouTube ad preview for Buresh Home Solutions

Fine Tuning Our Plans with Accurate Reporting

With all these new efforts in the mix, it became very important to make sure we could identify what was working and what wasn't. We are always very intentional about keeping budgets efficient - no matter the resources at hand. For Buresh, we made sure we could present the traffic sources for any lead that called or submitted a form directly from the website. In addition to that, we closely monitored the effect our video campaigns had on their analytics associated with their Google Business Profile and the frequency their brand name was indexing their site in Google searches.

The team at Buresh was also qualifying incoming leads and marking traffic sources these prospects could recall in their CRM system for added measurement. Our comprehensive reporting has been able to help identify crucial data points such as when customers are most likely to research their services, their average age, gender and geo location. We continue to use this to make better decisions.

Nearly Tripling Revenue in a Few Short Years

As our relationship with Brian and the Buresh Home Solutions team has grown, so has their annual revenue totals - almost TRIPLING in 2023 since 2020. Obviously it takes more than just marketing to manage that rate of growth and Brian's leadership deserves the majority of the credit in making that happen.

Another big factor in the success of the Buresh campaigns has been the candor and straightforward message that Brian delivers in each of his ads. Their team promises several unique ways of doing business that customers love: they give you their best price the first time, they offer a transferable Lifetime Worksmanship Warranty on all of their projects and they avoid high pressure sales tactics. The "Buresh Way" sets them apart in the Iowa market.

Would You Like to Partner With Us?

We want you to be our next big success story! Flanker Media is happy to meet with you free of charge to get a better understanding of your goals and challenges. With an abundance of tools to utilize locally, we're confident we can help you scale your efforts affordably. Reach out to set up an initial meeting.


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