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Client Success Story - Hope Hearing & Tinnitus Center

Have you ever encountered ringing, buzzing or hissing sounds in your ear - even when no other external sounds are present? If so, you've experienced tinnitus symptoms. It's estimated that as much as 20% of the population experiences tinnitus symptoms at some point in their life. For some, this becomes a chronic issue that weighs on both their auditory and mental health.

Hope Hearing and Tinnitus Center was founded in 2019 to help patients experiencing both tinnitus and hearing loss symptoms find relief. Flanker Media has had the unique privilege to have helped guide owner Dr. Beki Kellogg from day one, including the development of the company branding, tagline, website and media strategy. In this article, we outline some of the tools we've used with Hope Hearing to help them achieve remarkable growth since their inception.

Initial Steps - Branding & Website Development

Before the doors to the clinic opened in June of 2019, we met with Dr. Kellogg to discuss the goals and themes of her practice. She chose to use the word "Hope" in her business name to express to long-suffering tinnitus patients that there was indeed a treatment option for tinnitus. The retraining therapy her practice provides was (and still is) a fairly new option for addressing tinnitus symptoms. Many patients have been told previously that nothing can be done for their condition - a belief we continue to combat in their advertising efforts.

We pitched the simplified tagline "Find Hope. Get Relief" as an efficient way to emphasize their mission, drive the brand home and distill their unique selling proposition. They are still using this tagline today. We kept that theme in mind as we designed their first website.

Because many of their patients were of retirement age, we made design choices that would help them easily read and navigate content on the site. We were also able to source a list of sounds that mimicked common tinnitus symptoms so prospective patients could identify what they were experiencing prior to their initial consultation. Several videos were produced and embedded within the site to provide visitors with a push-play option for familiarizing themselves with Dr. Kellogg and her team in advance.

Developing the Hope Hearing Media Strategy

Following the completion of the new clinic buildout and the design of the branding + website, Dr. Kellogg was ready to see patients. In advance of their grand opening, we had built a layered advertising campaign to hit the ground running from day one. With a laser focus on tinnitus treatment, we produced :30 and :15 ads to air on local broadcast and cable news during peak viewership hours - targeting their prime age target of adults 50+.

In addition to the local TV schedule, we started PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns on both Google and Microsoft to ensure brand exposure for as many tinnitus related keywords we could uncover. By connecting their Google Analytics and Google Ads campaigns with key website behaviors, we started optimizing their bid strategies toward conversions to make efficient use of their budget. By utilizing PPC campaigns in tandem with our long-term SEO strategy, we were able to blanket the majority of searches for tinnitus related keywords in a several county radius around the clinic.

Tracking the Results of Our Campaign

Once web traffic and phone calls started flowing in, we kept a close eye on source data. By using UTM codes for both paid and organic traffic sources, we could pinpoint not just where web users were coming in from, but which sources were generating conversion activity. Through Google Analytics, we could see actions such as contact form submissions and clicks to their phone call button in addition to more traditional measurements like total users, time spent on the site and page views.

Dr. Kellogg's staff continues to be diligent in asking incoming patient leads where they've seen Hope's messaging to help us qualify lead sources even further. As part of our monthly analytics report, we provide customized slides that evaluate each piece of their campaign individually. We also offer direct support to answer questions and explain any updates or progress.

Tremendous Growth in Just a Few Years

As you'd expect, we've added more layers and tune ups to our campaigns since 2019. This strong ongoing partnership has helped Dr. Kellogg's team expand from a team of two to now around a dozen at any point in time. She has also expanded her practice into a second location in Southlake, Texas! Between the two locations, we've continued to help drive in hundreds of new leads each year and maintain a truly remarkable rate of growth.

Would You Like to Partner with Us?

We want you to be our next big success story! Flanker Media is happy to meet with you free of charge to get a better understanding of your goals and challenges. With an abundance of tools to utilize locally, we're confident we can help you scale your efforts affordably. Reach out to set up an initial meeting.

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