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Advertising agencies
aren't just for big business.

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We're a full service advertising agency specializing in the consultation of local small businesses.

We look to maximize the resources of your business while embracing the theory that the best creative ideas are rooted in simplicity & authenticity. Make the most of your budget & scale up appropriately.


What can we do for you? The short answer - quite a bit! As an agile agency focused on making your campaign effective & efficient down to the zip code level, we can employ a long list of traditional and digital advertising tools & apps to achieve success. Challenge us to create a plan befitting your goals & vision. This is what we do best. We've found success for clients through everything from broadcast TV ads to local YouTube campaigns, targeted direct mail and customer friendly web design. Need shots from above? We can do that too.

To 'flank' is the attack or defense of a strategic or vulnerable position. Flanking is the act of seizing opportunity or maintaining advantage.

Flanker Media.  Attack Opportunity.
Flanker Media logo


How much does it cost to hire someone full, or even part time, to manage marketing, advertising or social media responsibilities? The answer is usually ‘too much’.

A lack of focus and effort placed in marketing/advertising is the main culprit of failure for new, local businesses. If you’re a business owner that already wears several hats (Sales, Service, Human Resources, IT, Payroll) how worth it to you is freeing up man hours each month while letting a professional handle these duties for little to zero dollars?

Zero dollars?


How would that work? On traditional advertising campaigns placed on mediums like TV or radio, agencies are compensated through an industry established discount for brokering the deal. This discount is generally 15% and is established by our agency and the media company; you don’t have to do a thing. That would allow you to spend the same amount on the same media without having to pay Flanker Media a dime.

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How do I determine the best places for my message? How do I keep my efforts cutting edge when it seems like every month a new app, outlet, or social media platform emerges?


That’s our job. Our staff maintains a tireless working knowledge of all available platforms within your small business environment. TV, Radio, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit, Pinterest, Pay Per Click, Online Video, Licensed Drone Photography; these are all tools at your disposal through Flanker Media.

Return on Investment

How do I measure what’s working, eliminate waste and uncover opportunity?


Accurate and applicable reporting. We will provide timely reporting on our successes AND identify improvements when necessary; providing transparency every step of the way.

Function in creative messaging is also important. While it’s easy to devise a quirky, cute idea, does the underlying message circle back to action?

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Creative Content

Our team is comprised of experienced copywriters, story board developers, video producers, web support, data analysts and, of course, sales.

It is our job to accurately project your vision. You will take part and approve every step of the creative process at all times. We want to create work that you'll be proud to display everywhere - and will ultimately provide great ROI as part of your media strategy.


The Flanker Media Team

Jordan Taylor started Flanker Media with a desire to apply years of combined influence in video production, sales, as well as media buying & strategy into an approachable agency for small to medium sized businesses.


Flanker Media is designed to work for organizations that would benefit from a full-time marketing presence but may not have the resources to hire full-time. With a working knowledge of emerging media strategies and a background in award winning creative projects, Jordan is always looking to solve new problems and keep Main Street cash registers ringing.


Our Creative Portfolio

Our goal is to maximize your budget while fulfilling your creative vision.  'Content is King' as they say, and it is undoubtedly the driving force behind campaign success. Follow the button to see creative examples ranging from television & print to online video & display. 


Consultations are Free.
What Do You Have to Lose?

Contact us for more information or if you would like a free analysis of your current marketing/advertising plan.

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Local, small business advertising consultant for Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. Get help advertising on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, AdWords, Snapchat, TV, Radio, and any other digital advertising or online advertising platforms. Marketing firm providing consultation for all sizes. We can provide pricing advice and media buying guidance. Attack Opportunity with a local advertising agency.

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